Your Own Logo In My Computer's Properties Menu

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Your Own Logo In My Computer's Properties Menu

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 15, 2008 2:45 pm

1. Create a new Text Document (notepad)
2. Type this:

[Support Information]
Line1=Tweak by TURTELL
Line3=up to any lines

3. Save this Text Document as OEMINFO.INI
4. Copy the OEMINFO.INI to "c:\windows\system"
5. Now create your own LOGO
(Note this image cannot be larger than 180 pixels wide and 114 pixels high must be a bitmap image)
6. Save this as OEMLOGO.BMP
7. Copy the OEMLOGO.BMP to "c:\windows\system"

You can change the "DELL" and "XPS200s" as my given sample to what you want
Now check the PROPERTIES of your "My Computer"


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